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The right summer food for a healthy gourmet

25th June 2018 I by Katja Krause

Even if it is very warm, regular meals are important. Because if you don't eat lunch, you eat more in the evening than usual. So it is better to eat several small portions throughout the day rather than a few large ones.

In the evening light, mediterranean food like fish or vegetables, then you can also sleep undisturbed, because fatty food has an effect on your sleep.

Heavy eating strains your circulation in heat, because it is more difficult for your body to digest it. Fresh fruit such as melon or vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers are best as snacks in between. They provide your body with additional fluids.

Taking your own food on the road is an easy way to do something good for your diet. This not only gives you more control, it also saves you a lot of money. Suitable are e.g. banana red, eggs and wholemeal rolls. These contain many dietary fibres and make you full for a long time.

You have to drink a lot in hot weather, of course. It is important to drink before you get thirsty, otherwise you already have a fluid deficit. The best drink is of course mineral water. With sage tea, for example, you can reduce your sweat production.

If you exercise for a long time despite high temperatures, vegetable juices and untrained herbal or fruit teas with a pinch of salt will help you to compensate for your lack of water.

Foods such as pumpkin, apricots or carrots prepare your skin well for the sun because they contain a high proportion of carotenoids.



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