The ideal meal prep to eat fresh
Photo by Bruno Cervera

The ideal meal prep to eat fresh

28th November 2018 I by Katja Krause

I'm sure you know Meal Prep. It is the classic concept of precooking for the whole week. In short: Cook in one day for 7 days. The goal is to save time and always have healthy dishes in stock. So Meal Prep also helps you to lose weight.

Is this the only way to eat healthy without stress? And do I have to precook for 7 days? Many of us don't like food that has more than one day precooked. Also not all foods are suitable for storage for days.

How long does it take to precook for several days? Usually the one-time precooking takes between 2-3 hours. And it doesn't go any faster than precooking during the week. So if you prepare the double part of your dinner. Because you still have to warm up the pre-cooked food every day. This usually takes another 10-15 minutes.



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