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How to become a healthy gourmet

7th May 2018 I by Katja Krause

Eating is a fundamental basic human need. Studies show that most people eat unhealthy food because they think it costs too much time and money.


What is really healthy eating?

Every day we are faced with the choise of what to eat. Noodles? Bread? Candy bars? Banana? The choise is wide, so it is good if you know which foods are good for you. There is a small selection of basic ingredients like nuts and almonds, fish. fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs, cereals and soy.


How do I start now?

Diets are popular with many people. But only very few function in the long term. Those who want to change their diet permanently need patience. Body and palate need time to get used to the new diet. When that's done, you'll feel wonderful. Your skin is radiant, you are full of energy and you can be proud of yourself.

It is best to start slowly. For example with the food for which you have the least time in everyday life. Then you choose your favourite recipe and cook several portions of it, i.e. you have dinner and lunch. So you can also take the healthy food with you to work or to the uni. As soon as you have developed a certain routine with it, you change your breakfast. Many quick and easy recipes can be found in my cookbook "the feelgood plan for everyday life". Don't panic if you don't feel like eating healthy food. Just enjoy a pizza or cookies. And then go ahead with the diet change. With many small steps you will reach your goal safely. Healthy nutrition is enjoyment and you will feel better every day. Once your taste buds have changed, you will no longer be hungry for refined sugar or other unhealthy things.


How do I organise healthy food in my daily life? Why the Starter Kit is your secret to success?

Whether you want to start changing or are looking for inspiration learn how simple and quick recipes work for you. Balance your weight. Drop stress. And reduce sugar consumption. Diet in daily life is not something to eat that will fill you fast. You must eat the right food. So you will be full for a long time. And your blood sugar level will stay constant. So you'll let go of the sugar.

Simple food teaches you how to eat well. So you will feel better right away. Plus, you will be more active and balanced than ever before. Get a 7-day meal plan with shopping list and helpful bonuses. A list of healthy foods that are specific to your needs. A worksheet for a menu plan that saves you time and money. And I will give you hot tips on sugar cravings.


Now we start organizing

Create a meal plan for the whole week. I have already done this for you in my cookbook and have also written the appropriate shopping list. So you have an easier start. Then choose your favorite recipes and a day to pre-cook. I think the weekend is the best time. You can also make it even easier and cook more for dinner. Then you'll have the lunch for the following day.

You also need a certain supply of basic ingredients, which you use again and again for the individual dishes. That way you save money and don't have to throw away any more food. And also the probability that your change of diet succeeds is thus higher. With healthy ingredients, you can conjure up healthy dishes without having to worry. By creating shopping lists you save money because you can shop more consciously and take advantage of offers from supermarkets.

So you see the change to a permanent healthy diet is not difficult. If you have all the delicious healthy ingredients at home after shopping, you'll really want to eat healthy. You'll be thrilled.



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