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How does a healthy gourmet store his food

21th May 2018 I by Katja Krause

Dry foods such as nuts, whole grains, oat flakes, spices or raw cocoa are best filled into storage jars. For example, the almonds don't fall out of the half torn pack and it looks prettier in your kitchen. The decisive advantage is of course that the dry foods neither clump together nor absorb the odours from the environment. However, the storage cans must not be placed in direct sunlight.

When storing fruit and vegetables there are small rules of thumb, e.g. you can store local fruits in the refrigerator. Southern fruits prefer it warmer. That means you can store apples and pears in the fridge, pineapple or papayas in your beautiful fruit basket in the kitchen. You can also store vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, potatoes or pumpkin in the kitchen. Overripe fruit and vegetables are super delicious ingredients for smoothies or ice cream. Like bananas or spinach. Simply cut the fruit or vegetables into pieces and freeze them in freezer bags. You can simply store frozen food in the fridge during the day and prepare it for dinner. You can't freeze food you defrosted again. So only defrost what you need. If there was more, just invite friends to help you eat.

You can store raw fish in a container covered with cling film in the refrigerator for another day. Transfer already cooked food into storage cans and store in the refrigerator. So they last up to 2 days and you have a delicious time to go.

Since food in the refrigerator can easily lose its taste, just put it out 30 minutes before eating. When the food has dried up, simply add some olive oil. This is healthy and gives every dish a Mediterranean touch. Cakes and biscuits are best stored in a cooled and closed oven.



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