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How a healthy gourmet enjoys his food

28th May 2018 I by Katja Krause

In France, food stands for enjoyment, pleasure and a ritual of its own that requires good table manners. We like to share this ritual with others and must therefore not be affected by unsightly table manners.



Food is always eaten sitting at the table. Always use dishes, never boxes or plastic packaging. Because eating is a sociable affair, you should only put little happen in your mouth so you can talk without delay. Sit up straight and upright with both hands up to your wrist on the table. Bring the food to the mouth, so sit upright and do not go to the plate with your mouth. Of course you should also sit down at the table well and cleanly dressed with washed hands.



Even if you have heard it often, you should eat slowly and chew extensively. You want to finally enjoy eating as well as absorb smell and taste. After a few bites you should place the cutlery on the plate and feel the taste and smell of the food. Put the cutlery crossed on the plate, i.e. also that you are not yet finished with the food. When you have finished eating, place the cutlery parallel on the plate. Never gesticulate with the cutlery during conversation, it is only intended for eating. Eating starts when the host eats. This happens when everyone is supplied. Salad is never cut, only eaten with a fork.


Set the table


Put the napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down at the table. You only use it to dab your mouth before you drink wine. When you're done eating, put the napkin loose to the left of your plate. Always hold the wine glasses by the stem so as not to warm the wine. Bowls and plates are served from the left side. So don't just reach over the table to make up for something, but place the desired food to the left of your plate to take something else. When you have finished eating, leave the plate in front of you until it is cleared away.


Dinner is over when the hostess has placed her napkin to the left of her plate and rises from the table.



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