The best tips to get energy on stressful days
Photo by Bruno Cervera

4 simple tips to get energy on stressful days

2nd May 2019 I by Katja Krause

Did you ever cancel your lunch break so you can spend more time on your work? But on stressful days it is important to take a break to refresh your energy. Here are some tips for your next stressful day at work:

Don't use your smartphone or computer during your lunch break. Even online shopping or surfing the internet are no relaxation!

As many studies have shown, breaks from work are only effective if we can relax completely. So it's best to leave the office after lunch for a little walk or breathe some fresh air.

Take small breaks in the morning. These are important for relaxation and help you to fill up your energy reserves.

Leave the workplace and eat well. The best thing to do is to bring something to eat from home. Look at yoomea.eu if you need recipe ideas.



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