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Whether you want to start changing or are looking for inspiration...

...learn how simple and quick recipes work for you. Balance your weight. Drop stress. And reduce sugar consumption. Diet in daily life is not something to eat that will fill you fast. You must eat the right food. So you will be full for a long time. And your blood sugar level will stay constant. So you'll let go of the sugar.


Find out the "secret" of healthy eating in your daily life

Simple food teaches you how to eat well. So you will feel better right away. Plus, you will be more active and balanced than ever before. Get a 7-day meal plan with shopping list and helpful bonuses. A list of healthy foods that are specific to your needs. A worksheet for a menu plan that saves you time and money. And I will give you hot tips on sugar cravings.

7-day weekplan with quick, easy and healthy recipes.

The 21 meals created to meet your needs. Gives you energy and weight control. And cut down on your sugar cravings. I'll show you healthy ones so you can swap.

7-day shoppinglist for quick, easy and healthy recipes.

In the shopping list you will only find what you need. This will save you time and money. You can buy the ingredients in any supermarket of your choice.

quick, easy and healthy chickpea salad with apple and eggs.

The recipes consist of less than 10 usual ingredients. And the meals are ready in less than 30 minutes. All meals are gluten- or wheat-free. Free from refined sugar and part milk.

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There is no time like the present to change your diet

Start increasing your well-being with simple, quick and healthy recipes from a few ingredients.

Do you make up unhealthy snacks for stress? After a long working day you have no idea what to cook? YOOMEA in Swahili means "hard work". And is the helping hand for all people who have no time in everyday life. I've seen this before. Fast forward until now I am a healthier person. Although I work a lot, today makes me feel better than ever. I'm in balance. I am going this way for many years with success. Now I want to do the same for you. Whether you want to start changing. Or you are eating a healthy diet and looking for inspiration. In YOOMEA you will find everything you need to live healthy and save time. Quick and easy recipes from a few ingredients. Especially made for your needs. Plus hot tips to boost your health. YOOMEA is the modern way to eat well.



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