Chiapudding With Peanuts
11th April 2019

Chiapudding With Peanuts

25 g chia seeds
100 g soy milk, unsweetened
1 banana
2 tbsp peanuts



Pour the chia seeds into a bowl and sprinkle with the soy milk. Mix well with a spoon and wait for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes stir the pudding well. Then peel the banana, cut into pieces and place on the chiapudding.

Serve with the peanuts and enjoy.



Chia seeds have essential fatty acids for more concentration, better mood and mental clearness. Chia seeds have an optimal omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid balance and valuable amino acids. They also have water-storing effects. This helps to release their carbohydrates slower into the blood. So even the smallest amounts of Chia seeds give a lot of energy, strength and endurance over a long period of time.



Chiapudding is a super breakfast or dessert after dinner. You can also soak the chia seeds over night if you want to eat them for breakfast. So he needs less time.



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