11th April 2019

Mushroom Salad With Apricot

200 g mushrooms
2 avocados
10 dried apricots
black pepper
Italian herbs
roasted walnut oil
1 tbsp lemon juice



Clean and slice the mushrooms.

Halve the avocados, take out the core and cut into pieces.

Cut the dried apricots into pieces and mix with the mushrooms and avocado pieces.

Season with pepper and Italian herbs and sprinkle with walnut oil.

Enjoy one half now and put the other half in a food box. Sprinkle the portion in the food box with the lemon juice. And keep in the fridge for the next day.



Avocados contains lecitin. This boosts concentration and protects our brain cells. Apricots make you feel more happy because they contain tryptophan. Whether fresh or dried. This helps you with daytime tiredness, depression, sleep problems, concentration deficits and irritation. Mushrooms protect our brain, as studies have shown. Who eats more than 300 g mushrooms per week empowers his brain.



You can also make the salad fresh in the office. Then you don't need the lemon juice.



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