1th June 2018

Cake au Carrot

80g walnuts
60g pitted, dried dates
15g orange juice

200g cashew nuts
3 dates
100g freshly squeezed orange juice



For the Soil:
Roast the walnuts without fat in a small coated pan at high heat. Keep turning so that nothing burns. Put the roasted walnuts into the food processor.

Cut the dates in half and add to the roasted walnuts in the food processor. Finely mix both.

Add the orange juice and mix briefly. Pour the mixture into a glass and press firmly onto the bottom with a spoon.

For the Cream:
Put the cashew nuts in a small bowl, cover with water and leave overnight. The next morning pour out the remaining water.

Put the cashew nuts with the dates and orange juice into the food processor and puree at the highest level until a creamy mixture is obtained.

Place in the glass on the nut base. Then a layer of nut mass and cream again.



Dates are valuable sources of energy and therefore well suited as a natural sweetness. The fruits contain more fibre than wholemeal bread (good for digestion), more potassium than bananas (good for the muscles). They provide calcium, vitamin A, B 12, zinc, iron (good for bones, immune system). Dates help with sleep problems, make a beautiful skin, make you happy, quickly supply energy and strengthen the bones.



You can easily store the cake in the fridge for the next day. Simply leave the refrigerator 30 minutes before consumption.



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