Salade de Sweet Potato
11th May 2019

Salade de Sweet Potato

2 yellow sweet potato
2 mandarins
6 mushrooms
2 tbsp raisins



Peel the sweet potato and cut into thin slices.

Filet the mandarins. Cut the pieces and add the juice to the potato pieces.

Clean the mushrooms, cut into pieces and add to the salad.

Sprinkle with the raisins and enjoy.



Sweet potatoes help you concentrate better. You can also handle information better. Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients, as well as iron and vitamin B6. They also help against mood swings, depression, cravings and sadness. You can eat sweet potatoes raw because they are not potatoes. Potatoes should not eat raw. Many important ingredients get lost when cooking or baking sweet potatoes. This is for example potassium against stress. Now we get that in the full quantity. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of oxalic acid. So you should eat raw sweet potatoes in moderation and not kilo-wise. Studies show that mushrooms protect our brains. If you eat more than 300g of mushrooms per week, you strengthen your memory.



You can keep the salad in a food box for the next day. It doesn't have to be in the fridge.



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