26th April 2019

Fruity Tuna Salad

2 small tin of tuna in own juice
2 avocados
2 kiwis
100 g pre-cooked chickpeas
2 tbsp puffed amaranth



Pour the water from the tuna can and put the tuna into a bowl.

Split the avocado, remove the core and add to the tuna.

Peel the kiwi, cut into pieces and mix with the other ingredients.

Add the chickpeas, season with pepper and sprinkle with amaranth.



If you want to do something good for your brain, you have to eat fat fish once a week. Fatty fish like salmon have many omega-3 fatty acids. These are important for the structure and functions of the brain. The most important substance in walnut oil is also omega-3 fatty acids. They are important for the health of nerve cells and brain cells. Among other things, tuna is a good source of protein, which reduces your pounds in your sleep. Chickpeas and avocados also help to increase concentration.



It is better to freshly prepare the salad the next day than to have it prepared. If you want to prepare the salad, sprinkle the avocado with a little lemon juice. That way it won't get mushy. Based on the Dirty Dozen of the EWG you buy the tuna organic.



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