Spring / Summer Cookbook


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Spend your time with more beautiful things than searching.

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Common ingredients available in every supermarket.

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Get recipes for 3 meals with starter or dessert a day.

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How can I eat a healthy diet for a long time?


Fine food is not possible in everyday life? My goal with this book is to show you how you can eat a delicious and healthy diet in everyday life. With few ingredients and without investing much money. For example, quick dishes from the oven that are suitable for freezing and taking away. All meals are gluten- or wheat-free. Free from refined sugar and part milk. The ingredients used are standard and can found in any supermarket. In the shopping list you will only find what you need. This will save you time and money. Look forward to 72 main and dessert recipes that turn every meal into a great meal. For every book sold, I donate €0.20 to Slow Food for various projects.


What you get

Food is the source of energy that our body needs. It is the source of energy that our body needs every day. But healthy nutrition is more, you feel better and your skin shines more brilliant. Plus, you enjoy the pure taste of nature.

/ fresh, simple and quick recipes without investing much time and money
/ free of industrial sugar, salt, dairyfree and glutenfree
/ partly vegan, vegetarian, clean eating, low carb...
/ balanced nutrition with a greatest of 8 ingredients



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